Members of the board of directors of round tables

Dr. Majid Abbaspour
The supreme advisor of the chairman of Azad University,Faculty member of Sharif University of Technology,The chairman of the Association of Environmental Professionals

Dr. Mohammad Hassan Panjeshahi
Professor and Dean at Institute of Petroleum Engineering

Dr. Mohammad Taghi Ameli Director of scientific energy program and faculty member of Shahid Beheshti University

Dr. Naser Bagheri Moghadam Assistant professor,National research institute for science policy

Dr. Behzad Asaei

Managing Director of Arian Mahbad and Deputy of Mahtab Gostar Renewable Energy

Dr. Kamran Rezaie

Head of Division for Renewable Energy TUV NORD Group

Dr. Mohammad Ali Shafizadeh
Director General of the
Planning Office,Macroeconomics of Electricity,and Energy of the
Ministry of Energy of Iran

Dr. Hooman Liaghati
Head of Environmental Sciences Research Institute of Shahid Beheshti University 

Dr. Mahmood Aghamiri
Faculty Member of  Nuclear Engineering College,Shahid Beheshti University

In the name of God

We would like to inform you that 4th international conference of technology and energy management will proudly be held on 30 and 31 January 2018,by Iran Energy Association (IEA). The conference contains seven main approach.This Conference consider one of the greatest and most important challenges of human kind which is energy and environment. In this regard,researchers,professors,managers,experts,students,and all who are interested in the field of energy are invited to help us organizing the conference to be more productive and efficient by submit the results of their researches and their achievements in the form of scientifically and applied papers. Furthermore,all companies and activists in the field of energy are invited to inform the foreign,international and domestic specialists about their products and their services by attendance at the side exhibition of the conference. It is hoped ways of optimum using of energy and consumption decrease of it,will be considered as research and executive priorities of the country with paying more attention to the practical and economical methods in the field of energy.

President of Iran Energy Association and director of the conference
Dr. Mohammad Satkin

Opening Speakers

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Sadeghzadeh,
 Deputy of Energy Minister and Chairman of SATBA

Dr. Seyed Hassan Sadoogh, Head of Shahid Beheshti University

Dr. Sirous Vatankhah Moghaddam,Vice Presidency for Science and Technology Renewable Energy Technology Council

Eng. Homayoun Haeri KhiaviDeputy of Energy Minister in Power and Energy

Dr. Masoud Tajrishi, Human Environment Deputy of Iran Environmental Protection Agency

Dr. Abbas Aliabaadi, Managing Director of MAPNA Group

Eng. Houshang Falahatian, Advisor to the Energy Minister in Power and Energy


Dr. Mohamad Satkin,The Chairman of the Conference,The chairman of IEA,The Manager of Wind and Waves Energy Dep. of SATBA

Dr. Behnam Mohammadi Ivatlo,The Scientific Secretary of the Conference,Faculty Member of Tabriz University 

Scientific Speakers

Dr. Georg Ghareh Panian,The Research Deputy of Niroo Research Institute

Dr. Mohamad Sadegh Zabihi,Secretary of Iran Council of Photonics,Micrometric Structures and Laser Technologies Development

Mr. Michael Dahm, Head of Devision for Renewable Energy,TUV NORDGroup

Eng. Kurt Sturken
,Chief Operating Officer (COO) of PNE Wind AG Co.

Mr. Christoph Bauer, 

Mr. Konstantinos Zygouras, CEO of SUNEL Turkey

Prof. Saeid Naseri,From University of Berlin 

Tuesday 23 January 2018

Permanent Secretariant
In Partnership with
Executive Secretariant